Ep. 25 - What is Real?

What makes a film feel realistic? Is it cinematography, acting, story, editing, sound design or all of the above? How does Full Metal Jacket feel as real as Festen?


Ep. 24 - Dispatch 5

Other film podcast recommendations from Aaron and from the listeners.


Ep. 23 - The Decade I Missed vol.1

Introduction to the American New Cinema Movement (1969-1980).


Ep. 22 - Again & Again & Again

What compels us to watch films again & again & again?


Ep. 21 - Dispatch 4

2009 Box Office Reports (so far) from China, Denmark, Poland, Brazil, Australia, Thailand and the United States.


Ep. 20 - Godsploitation Films

Feature length Christian films are on the rise in popularity and box office...but are they any good and what are they saying?


Ep. 19 - Time Travel Films

Time travel films from the serious to the romantic comedy...plus Jay Brooks calls in with his Top Five.


Ep. 18 - Great Opeinings

What does it take to hook the audience within the first few moments of a film?


Ep. 17 - Dispatch 3

The false argument between film and digital projection as well as a visit from guest Jay Brooks for a Summer Movie discussion.


Ep. 16 - Overlooked Films 1

The best films you've never seen! And if you have seen these films, then welcome to the WOC Geek Club.


Ep. 15 - Cleveland International Film Festival

Aaron and Justin's coverage of the Cleveland International Film Festival and why everyone should support any film festival in their area.


Ep. 14 - Dispatch 2

New paradigms in cinema distribution! Brave new world or another punch in the balls for lovers of celluloid projection?


Ep. 13 - 2008 Yearbook

Sure it's already April, but it took us a little while to catch some of the films we thought needed to be included in a 2008 Yearbook show. Here are Justin and Aaron's thoughts on the year of film that was 2008.


Ep. 12 - Zeitgeist and the Internet Documentary

The internet as a distribution tool as well as a discussion of both Zeitgeist films. Why are there no good conspiracy films?


Ep. 11 - Dispatch 1

Sundance Film Festival films to look out for and the coming influence of Bollywood on Hollywood.


Ep. 10 - waydowntown

The World of Cinema Selects: waydowntown (2000).


Ep. 9 - Funny Games vs Real Life

Justin watches Funny Games (2007) while Aaron watches Funny Games (1997). Does violence in one's entertainment choices make one violent in real life? Justin and Aaron have all the answers!


Ep. 8 - The Future of Food

The World of Cinema Selects: The Future of Food (2004).