Ep. 43 - Find Your Neural G Spot

Aaron and Justin further explore their new nemesis: Neurocinematics.  The two suspects this week are Mindsign Neuromarketing and Visible Measures.  This is you brain.  This is your brain on trailers!


Ep. 43 - Trailers

Enter the Void (2010)

Africa United (2010)


Ep. 41 - Yogi Bear's Crazy Rape Eyes

Season 3 continues with Justin and Aaron discussing which is more cinematic; TV or film.  The IMAX Experience means facial lacerations.  Does anyone really go to official film websites?  And, lastly, Aaron and Justin discover their new nemesis!


Ep. 41 - Trailers

Trailers for Episode 41.

Fair Game (2010)

The Objective (2008)


Ep. 39 - Catsploitation!

Season 3 begins!  Aaron and Justin look at some 70's style trailers and catch up on what each other have been watching.

Gone with the Pope, Night of a Thousand Cats, Clear Blue Tuesday, How to Loose Friends & Alienate People, The Baxter, Best Worst Movie, Troll 2, Bigger Stronger Faster, The Social Network, Never Let Me Go, Red Riding Trilogy and why Andrew Garfield will soon be a household name.