Ep. 57 - 2010 Yearbook (Part II)

The 2010 wrap-up continues with: Film Recycling - Who Makes These Trailers? - What Happened to Documentaries This Year? - Time Capsule Films of 2010 - Soundtracks Worth Buying - Propagandist of the Year: Doug Liman and Paul Greengrass - Trailers and Posters of Note

Update (2.28.11):
Forgot to include this link to High School Musical: China


Ep. 56 - 2010 Yearbook (Part I)

The first installment of our 2010 Yearbook show.  We go thru all the films of the year in mere minutes, Box Office vs. Critics, Market Shares from www.the-numbers.com and some general trends of the year.  Too Be Continued...next week.