Ep. 67 - Save Our Films

Justin and Aaron revisit the National Film Registry and gush over the film preservation documentary These Amazing Shadows - on PBS 12.29.11 at 10pm as part of the [i]ndependent lens series.  Related episode: Ep. 38 - Dispatch 16 (Film Preservation).


Ep. 66 - Film Piracy...Again

The MPAA is up to their old tricks again, rallying their troops to help pass the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  Turns out that if you visit a "rouge site" you are putting your family at risk.  Justin and Aaron also look at the top 10 most pirated films, according the Hollywood Reporter.  The "Name That Trailer" game is debuted as well as some talk about Attack the Block, The Siege and Magic Bus.

For more on piracy see: Ep. 52-Film Piracy Funds Terrorists!


Ep. 65 - (Expletive) Super Heroes

As season 4 starts of The World of Cinema, The Avengers trailer is released and everyone in Cleveland (except for Aaron and Justin) losses their god damned mind.  Captain America rings the opening bell for the NYSE, no joke.
After more than two years of incessant bitching from Justin, Aaron finally watches Guy Richie's Revolver.  They both agree that Mr. Richie should force his religious beliefs into more of his films.  Especially Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows.  This episode is finished up with a look at the trailer for The Graduate: A XXX Parody.