Ep. 74 - Activist Cinema

Aaron flies solo on this show in which he looks at Activist Cinema, a favorite documentary sub-genre of his.  First, we look at what counts as Activist Cinema and then move in to a look at four different companies/groups/collectives that are active in this genre.  In no particular order; CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective, Citizens United, As-Sahab and Participant Media.  Or to describe them another way-by their political ideology-in the same order; Anarchist Activists, Religious Extremists (Republican), Liberal Progressives and one more Religious Extremists (al-Qaeda).


CIFF Dispatch 4

The final wrap up for the 2012 Cleveland International Film Festival.  Over 85,000 people in attendance for over 320 features and shorts.  Under African Skies, Missed Connections, Beauty is Embarrassing, Finding North, Bill W. and Best Intentions are the winners for this year.


CIFF Dispatch 3

Attendance is growing and looks to his capacity on the weekends within the next few years.  Some more Audience Award guesses as well as a look at some fantastic documentaries from Kenya, France and the USA.


CIFF Dispatch 2

This Dispatch covers days 3 and 4 of the Cleveland International Film Festival - well not really covering the day so much as talking about 3 films (7 if you count shorts).  Drive-In Movie Memories - Rent-A-Person - Validation - Slow - The Phone Book - No Room for Rockstars - Headhunters (Norway).


CIFF Dispatch 1

Ahhhhhh, it's back - The Cleveland International Film Festival!  11 days of international films and amazing documentaries from around the world.  In Dispatch 1 we look at how to open a film festival (Nesting), Ethan Hawke goes French (The Woman in the Fifth), why Diane Keaton films have no place at an international film festival (Darling Companion), a Kazakhstan space comedy (Baikonur) and how not to end your at the festival (Tyrannosaur). 


Ep. 73 - 2011 Yearbook (Part II)

As Justin and Aaron warp up the sh*t year of 2011, they try and do it on a happy note.  Justin joins Aaron in awarding Winnie the Pooh as one of the best films of the year.  Conan O'Brien Can't Stop is dissected and exposed for the overblown, strung together web series that it was.  Aaron proposes a Martin Scorsese line of 3D glasses that already exist, but without his name on them.  Prom vs. Bully.  Aaron gushes over some great American Indie films like Our Idiot Brother, 50/50, Bellflower, Martha Marcy May Marlene and Justin joins in with praise for Red State.  As Justin gets drunker and angrier and a little quitter, Aaron names The Black Power Mix Tape 1967-1975 as the film that just beat out The Interrupters and Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory as his favorite film of 2011.  Then Justin lets his fury go with his rationale for why there won't be any more theatres


Ep. 72 - 2011 Female Roles, Documentaries and Awards

Aaron flies solo with some thoughts on female roles from 2011 films (Bridesmaids, Sucker Punch, Lars Von Trier, Fast Five, Transformers 3, Drive, Ides of March, Footloose, We Bought a Zoo and Woman Art Revolution!) along with some highly overlooked documentaries (The Interrupters, The Other F Word, An African Election and Secrets of the Tribe) and some World of Cinema Awards for 2011 - Best Poster, Trailer, Future Cult Film, Follow That Filmmaker, the Clint Mansell Award and The Dark Knight Award.


Ep. 71 - 2011 Yearbook (Part I)

Aaron and Justin look back at the sh#t year that was 2011 in film.  In this episode we learn that:
-Once again the most attended films worldwide were devoid of anything resembling originality (shocking).
-Netflix apparently decides to let a 12 year old run the show for a while.
-Tom Hanks puts out two films that even bored, white housewives don't care about.
-The Digital Revolution finally takes hold with over 50% of screens in the US converted.
-Pixar finally makes a shitty film.
-Atlas Shrugged Part I proves that aiming for the Tea Party demographic is not a way to recoup your budget, let alone finance Part II. 
-And, finally, the comedy genre may have a lot of original screenplay's, however, the emphasis is clearly on the second word.
Up next week: Aaron's favorite films of the year and the couple of films that Justin hates the least.


Ep. 70 - Movie Marketing Gone Wild

Aaron and Justin take a close look at two potential marketing "stunts". Christian Bale spends over 16 hours with a CNN crew tracking down a Chinese man on house arrest and Johnny Depp spends Halloween night with the Obama's at the White House, with decorations provided by Tim Burton of course.  Then, after Name That Trailer, Aaron explains why there is no difference between the Claudette Colbert/Cecil B. DeMille version of Cleopatra and Roland Emmerich's 2012.


Ep. 69 - MPAA and SOPA Sitting in a Tree

Aaron and Justin take a look into the bedroom where the MPAA and SOPA are lighting candles and getting ready for their big night!  Since the Film Piracy Funds Terrorism ad campaign went nowhere, the MPAA is up to some new tricks with the new Chairman and CEO Chris Dodd.  They also discuss the Alex Jones method of not copyrighting material and Kevin Smith's public comments about intellectual property.  Oh, and Justin recaps what his brain felt like after finally watching all six Star Wars "films" in order in one day while Aaron fights off sleep.


Ep. 68 - Our Exported Garbage

Aaron and Justin take a look at the top grossing American films oversees and what those films are telling the world about our culture [Hint: It is not good and involves a lot of robots and genetic engineering]  In this installment of Porn Parody, they take a look at the trailer for Not Airplane: A XXX Parody.  Justin's been watching Armadillo, The Objective and Take Me Home Tonight and they play another round of Name that Trailer.