Ep. 71 - 2011 Yearbook (Part I)

Aaron and Justin look back at the sh#t year that was 2011 in film.  In this episode we learn that:
-Once again the most attended films worldwide were devoid of anything resembling originality (shocking).
-Netflix apparently decides to let a 12 year old run the show for a while.
-Tom Hanks puts out two films that even bored, white housewives don't care about.
-The Digital Revolution finally takes hold with over 50% of screens in the US converted.
-Pixar finally makes a shitty film.
-Atlas Shrugged Part I proves that aiming for the Tea Party demographic is not a way to recoup your budget, let alone finance Part II. 
-And, finally, the comedy genre may have a lot of original screenplay's, however, the emphasis is clearly on the second word.
Up next week: Aaron's favorite films of the year and the couple of films that Justin hates the least.